Bret didn't seem to remember Kenn.

I haven't been home on a Friday night since I was thirteen.


The police just got here.

Sixty minutes make an hour, and a minute is made up of sixty seconds.

Press and wait for green.

Which way did Juergen go?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is taller than the church.


What did he look up?

I'm glad you didn't do it.

They also collected moon rocks and soil.


Show me the stone that broke the window.

Give yourself a break once in a while.

Janet's house is made out of concrete.

Everyone loved it.

Billy saw Lee across the room and went over to talk to her.


I met with him again.

Mankind walked on the Moon.

If you and Marco are well, Paulo and I are well.

Lars thinks that Stagger drinks too much coffee.

I put my suitcase down.


I'm ambitious.

Which text editor do you prefer?

Casey needs a new plan.

Are you wearing makeup?

I feel bad today.

The falcon has keen eyes.

Paul heated up some leftovers for dinner.

I know who you all are.

I forgot that today was Saturday.

He burst into tears.

Randal is already on the list.

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Ping-Pong is also called table tennis.

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Are you sure you don't know what this is?


The fruit is similar to an orange in shape and to a pineapple in taste.

Hit up on the D-pad, and the background music will change as the background itself becomes the Demon King's castle....

You're jumping to conclusions.


I won't try to persuade him.

He's an atheist.

The doctor looked gravely at the patient.

I was impressed with Rafael.

I don't like Easter eggs.


That attitude is part of the company's culture.


Are you still planning to quit your job?


Roberto asked Seth to take her jacket off.

I went out in spite of the rain.

Socorrito didn't know Marsh was at the club.

Moran did his best to help Ross learn French.

Everyone wants money.

Dawson saw me give Dawn some money.

Chad is called "Tchad" in French.


The region boasts the most beautiful ladies of the country.

It shouldn't take too much longer.

It is normal for you to feel sad about the news.

He's rolling in dough.

Dimetry drives an imported car.

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I've become very interested in ancient art.

I went to the hotel by cab.

Can anyone here speak Mandarin?

This bird can fly.

Mikey asked about my school.


Let's have a good birthday celebration!

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Turn the page.

I think they must be twins, but she says they cannot be so.

There's no class today.

I'm going to be a father.

She couldn't believe he was dead.

Your timing was excellent.

I know all about the situation.

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You're doing a great job here.


What kind of souvenirs did you buy?

Yvonne spoke highly of you.

I think the same as they do.


Is it a good play?


When did you come over to France?


This project is shovel-ready.

I made them laugh.

He hung on to his job.

I want to buy the dress.

I want to wait until I'm married.

What do you think happened? one translates the sentences I create.


Kevyn was excused from work yesterday because he was sick.

They do like you.

The hunter chases the rabbit in the fields.

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Please have my baggage brought to the station.


Mr Adams was foolish to agree to the proposal.


Astronomy is like geography. It should be part of basic education as it was for me.

The morning forecast predicted thunder showers later in the day.

I'm glad to see you two have finally quit fighting.

Lewis has been missing since Monday.

Let it be done by six this evening.

They're enjoying themselves.

He is not so much a teacher as a scholar.


You're not ambitious enough, Collin.

I don't want to think too much about it.

I've been seeing her.


Think is getting prepared to join the loop.

That's simply not possible.

Do you have a Yahoo ID?


I'd like a long-sleeved shirt in yellow, medium.

They soon became friends.

This is a huge house.

There are about 3.4 million millionaires in the United States.

We should be through soon.

Valeria certainly plays the harpsichord well.

He'll leave for Tokyo tomorrow.


Who wants to go next?

Penny didn't approve of that.

The company cancelled the project.

I live in the house.

I hope that I'll see her.

Keeton wanted to know if this is true.

My brother wants to go to the moon some day.

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Could you move the chair a bit?


It would change a lot.

There must be a conventional procedure having a conventional effect.

He who has skill and art, becomes famed in the world.

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She left the room with her brother.


Behave yourselves!

If you want to talk, talk.

The business was so successful that he is still well off now.

Louiqa would like to visit us tomorrow.

Can you prove that what you said is true?

You have a fever and should not go out.

Marci left his umbrella on the train.

Boil those potatoes.

I think you're probably wrong about that.

Can we live here?

The food tasted slightly of garlic.

This is what I was looking for.

It's fine now.


Ninja is scheduled to come to Boston next week.

There were nineteen graduates for the batch of Spanish class.

This language has been in decline for several centuries until recently.

Farouk handed Nichael a cup of hot coffee.

Tuscany is one of my favorite regions.

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Could you please move out of my way?


Juliet abhors horror films.

The plane took off from Boston airport with more than a hundred holiday-makers on board.

Are we undemocratic when we try to impose our own linguistic norms on others?

Jingbai chewed on his pencil.

Women are a decorative sex. They never have anything to say, but they say it charmingly.

Much to my disappointment, she did not come.

En, Does he have any children?

That night, Asem broke five dishes.

How much does this cost?

We found him sleeping under the desk.

She is not animal-loving.

Take a seat!

I am injured.

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Avery is dubious.

Perhaps it's not that simple.

Have you ever heard of something similar?

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Did I do anything stupid?

Chinese people count from one to ten with one hand.

Get there early.


Please wait fifteen minutes.

He just came back from the library.

He said they were responsible for the present problem.

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Is that a riddle?